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    Adults Supporting Adults received a referral from a daughter who was looking for support for her mother ‘Sheila’ who has dementia care needs. Sheila’s daughter Lynn was looking for support which she explained was to enable mum to retain her independence and carry on living at home for as long as it was possible, practical and safe to do so’.

    Lynn went on to say ‘the shopping service has been invaluable in this respect, as she certainly couldn’t have reached the supermarket on her own – nor could she rely on the kindness of neighbours, which she did just after my dad died’.

    ASA have been providing Sheila with support to carry out shopping and assistance with ad-hoc appointments, such as the dentist. ASA received feedback from Sheila’s day time providers saying that Sheila appeared to be very much enjoying having company and conversation as at times she had talked about feeling lonely. We discussed how ASA may be able to support Sheila and a decision was made in partnership with Sheila and her daughter Lynn to trial the Sit2gether service in addition to the day time provision, as Sheila’s daughter said ‘my mum lives alone and feels isolated and lonely after the companionship that she enjoyed during 60 years of marriage to dad’.

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    Sheila’s daughter was asked if there was anything ASA could do differently in order to be able to support Sheila. Sheila’s daughter said ‘the support provided is absolutely exemplary. I have dealt with a number of different organisations when trying to find help for mum, and ASA is absolutely in a class of its own.  I have even recommended it to others who are on the same ‘dementia awareness’ course as myself.’

    ASA asked Lynn what she found most beneficial in the support provided. The response was ‘as well as the support that ASA provides, I receive regular and helpful feedback each week. Both the staff who visit, and Sharon, make useful observations to help mum to cope better, and I get a real sense of her mental state and how well she’s coping from the weekly summaries. Sharon is also proactive in suggesting alternatives ways to help, and I cannot sufficiently applaud the level of support and professionalism that she provides.’

    ASA asked what difference the support has made to Sheila and her family ‘my mum could not continue to live independently at home if it weren’t for ASA – and that’s absolutely pivotal to her wellbeing.’

    Lynn concluded with please keep up the good work. You are a shining beacon in a sea of indifferent service providers!’

    ASA are proud of the services we can offer clients and their families across Lincolnshire and are striving to continually look at creative, flexible and person centred ways of working with people who may be looking for support. Our aim is to support clients to lead fulfilling lives and particularly in relation to supporting clients with dementia to focus on ‘living well with dementia’.

    If you or someone you know is interested in any of our services and you would like some more information, please kindly contact us at our head office on 01529 416270 where a member of our team will be able to help.

    May 8th, 2019

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