Our Resources

  • Extended Stay

    An opportunity to live with a supportive family to learn the skills necessary for independence.

  • Respite Resource

    Stay with a family. Have someone stay with you in your home. Be supported to go on holiday.

  • At Home Day Resource

    A day resource based in the providers' home for people who have dementia.

  • Spriteleys

    Provides social get togethers for older people currently in the Grantham area.

  • Daytime Provision

    An activity or community led support and is provided on a one-to-one basis.

  • Sit2Gether

    Have peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being supported while you take a break.

  • Shop2Gether

    From your door to the store. A volunteer to help you do your shopping.

  • Lifestyle Brokerage

    Need help with Personal Budgets?

  • Connect with ASA

    Lifestyle Brokerage Case Studies

    Geena's Story

    A Personal Budget changed Geena's Life...Geena is a young woman with a learning disability who has a dream to enrol at college and travel daily on the bus service independently.

    • ''

      I've got more freedom, I'm much happier and the food is great!''

      Geena, Lifestyle Brokerage User

    Geena never had the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to do this. Now she has a Personal Budget, this gave her the freedom to make this happen. Geena user her Personal Budget to pay for Brian to support her to learn how to use the bus service safely travel to and from college until she was confident enough to make this journey alone.

    Geena now not only travels to college but also travels to visit her family and goes shopping into town. Geena's personal budget has transformed her life.

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