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  • Respite Resource

    Stay with a family. Have someone stay with you in your home. Be supported to go on holiday.

  • At Home Day Resource

    A day resource based in the providers' home for people who have dementia.

  • Spriteleys

    Provides social get togethers for older people currently in the Grantham area.

  • Daytime Provision

    An activity or community led support and is provided on a one-to-one basis.

  • Sit2Gether

    Have peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being supported while you take a break.

  • Shop2Gether

    From your door to the store. A volunteer to help you do your shopping.

  • Lifestyle Brokerage

    Need help with Personal Budgets?

  • Connect with ASA

    Extended Stay

    Extended stay offers an opportunity to live with a supportive family to learn the skills necessary for independence.

    Families support clients in a variety of ways responding to each persons needs, some examples of which are:

    • Home skills, such as cooking and managing finances
    • Social and emotional support
    • Making friends and developing links with the community
    • Support into employment

    For further information on Extended Stay Provision please click here to download an information leaflet.

    One such service is called Shared Lives, whereby a vulnerable adult is carefully matched to share your home with you either on a full-time or respite basis. You then support that person to become part of your family and develop the necessary skills to participate in the local community and build their own social networks.

    Our experienced team will work with you, offering guidance and advice throughout the whole process of becoming a provider with ASA.

    We are a welcoming employer, offering good rates of pay, appropriate training and on going support through monthly supervision.

    • Could you become a Shared Lives Provider?
    • Could you offer short breaks in your home?
    • Could you become a Day Time Provider?

    .If the answer is YES, call us now to discuss further.

    Provider Case Studies

    Julian 56, and Sandra Clare 54, from Grantham, have been Shared Lives Providers since 1997 and have had a client living with them as part of their family for the last 16 years. “We came across Shared Lives by accident really as our neighbours had a gentlemen living with them and we were intrigued as to how this came to be. We thought the concept of supporting someone in your own home rather than that person going into residential care was marvellous, so we explored the process further and became providers ourselves

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    Sue Renner, 65, from Toft, has been sharing her home life with others as a Respite Provider since 2011. “I first found out about ASA whilst working part-time as a Community Nurse at Bourne Health Clinic. All but one of my five children have grown up and left home, so I had the time, a spare room and I thought the concept of Shared Lives, for someone to come and actually stay with my family was truly amazing. I wanted to give something back to the community and to be honest I also thought it would provide new friendships for my daughter, Juliette, who has a learning disability.

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    Darren and Jackie Kingswood help care for two adults in their home in Huttoft
. A Lincolnshire couple are throwing open the doors of their home to adults who need special care.
  Darren and Jackie Kingswood are both from a caring background, having worked in care homes for people with learning disabilities.
They enjoy their new kind of family life so much that they are encouraging others to get involved and share the rewards of helping others in need of care.
It is part of Lincolnshire-based Adults Supporting Adults through a scheme called Shared Lives.

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    Jackie was very friendly and welcoming she told us more about ASA and the work they do. She explained the assessment process and the level of commitment needed to become an extended stay provider, including the training Denise and I would need to complete. We were able to ask lots of questions and were given time to decide whether the scheme would be right for us. We chose to proceed with the assessment to become extended stay providers as felt we had lots to offer, we had space in our home and the time to support someone to become as independent as possible.

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    My name is Janet Baker and I have been a Shared Lives Provider with Adults Supporting Adults since 1998. Back then the scheme was known as Adult Placement and was part of Lincolnshire County Council. I heard about it when I was working at Shaw Trust a training centre for people with learning difficulties in Spalding.

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    Client Case Studies

    Barry has been living with Shared Lives providers Sandra and Julian Clare for just over 13 years. He was initially referred to the local authority adult placement scheme, now Adults Supporting Adults (ASA), after lengthy stays in various hospitals to treat an enduring mental illness. To begin with Barry was diagnosed with schizophrenia; however, it is only more recently that his mental ill health has been attributed to a Chromosome Deficiency. Nonetheless, it was recognised early on that Barry was going to need inpatient treatment on and off for the rest of his life. Too vulnerable to go back home and with family unable to cope with his acute behaviours, the Rehabilitation Unit at that time identified Shared Lives as a way for Barry to return to the community in which he lived. Funding was then subsequently agreed for Barry to access the shared lives arrangement provided by Sandra and Julian through ASA.

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    After Mum and Dad died and before coming to live with Janet and Mick I was living with 2 younger brothers and they were not very nice to me. I had no money they took all my pension, I had no nice clothes no food and they would lock me in my bedroom all week end. They would not buy me things I asked for when they went shopping. I had no nice clothes and I did not go any where nice.

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